Both teams to score

Both teams to score is a great way of betting on all types of football matches. The beauty of this is the bet can come in at any time, from the first 10 minutes until the last 2 minutes you have always got a chance.  Another great thing about Both Teams To Score is that the end result is of little meaning to us: we simply just want both of the teams to find the net. With both teams to score ,  you have two choices: you can have a guess and hope you strike it lucky by randomly adding matches to your coupon, or – look at this table below . Using this information will hopefully help you to fine tune your betting choices and back the games where history suggests that both teams to score is likely.

Stats are updated every day , We update out stats a couple of days in advance.

TeamLeagueGamesCome OutPerc
ClydeScotDiv31212100 %
SlovanSlovakia161593.75 %
PortimonensePortugal111090.90 %
TrencinSlovakia151386.66 %
FoggiaItaly B151386.66 %
AZ Alkmaar Am.HollErste141285.71 %
OmniworldHollErste131184.61 %
Go Ahead EaglesHollErste131184.61 %
ThistedDenDiv1181583.33 %
TrabzonTurkey121083.33 %
LeverkusenBundesliga121083.33 %
HeraclesHolland121083.33 %
GroningenHolland121083.33 %
FenerbahceTurkey121083.33 %
NapredakSerbia171482.35 %
GalwayIRLPrem332781.81 %
OsijekCroatia161381.25 %
NordsjaellandDenmark161381.25 %
LyngbyDenmark161381.25 %
Gornik ZabrzePoland161381.25 %

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